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VAG 03C109507R Timing Chain Kit

VAG 03C109507R Timing Chain Kit
Product Info:
Name: VAG 03C109507R Timing Chain Kit
Oem: 03C109507R
Product: VAG 03C109507R Timing Chain Kit

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Product Info

VAG 03C109507R Timing Chain Kit
Ref No.:
1 SCR05F-8-130L(03C109158A)
2 05C -1-54L(03C115230C)
3 03C109571F
4 03C105209AC
5 03C109507R
6 03C109507S
7 03C109509
8 03C109469K
SKODA OCTAVIA (1Z3) 1.6 FSI BLF 1598CC 04.2-08.10
EOS (1F7 1F8) 1.6 FSI BLF 1598CC 06.6-08.5
GOLF Mk IV (1J5) 1.6 Fsi BAG 1598CC 03.10-07.4
GOLF PLUS (5M1 521) 1.4 16V CGGA 1390CC 06.5-
GOLF PLUS (5M1 521) 1.4 FSI BLN(05.7-) TSI BLG(06.5-08.5)
TSI BMY(06.5-08.5)
GOLF V (1K1) 1.6 FSI BAG/BLF 1598CC 03.10-
GOLF V (1K1) 1.4 FSI BLN(03.10-)/TSI BLG(05.11-)
TSI BMY(06.5-) 1390CC
GOLF V (1K5) 1.4 TSI BLG/BMY 1390CC 07.6-
JETTA III (1K2) 1.4 TSI BLG/BMY 1390CC 06.7-10.10
JETTA III (1K2) 1.6 FSI BLF 1598CC 05.9-10.10
PASSAT (3C2) 1.6 FSI BLF 1598CC 05.3-
TOURAN(1T1 1T2 1T3) 1.4 FSI BLG 1390CC 06.11-
TOURAN(1T1 1T2 1T3) 1.4 TSI BMY 1390CC 06.2-
TOURAN(1T1 1T2 1T3) 1.6 FSI BAG/BLF 1598CC 03.2-07.1
“”VAG 03C109507R Timing Chain Kit

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